Hailey Dunn’s father: ‘I’m getting this case moved’

By Erica Morse
Publisher, Victims News Online
Updated 1:00 p.m., January 4, 2019

(VNO) — While the father of a kidnapped and murdered Texas teen fights for justice, his ex-wife has taken to social media to plead her own case.

Billie Jean Ostrander-Dunn has been making benign posts on her official page, “Hope for Hailey Dunn” about finding her daughter’s killer(s), but refuses to work with her ex-husband to attain that goal.

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“That’s because she’s up to her neck in this mess”, Clint Dunn told Victims News Online. “I have – and will – continue to combat her claims that I’m trashing Hailey’s name. All I’m doing is trying to get her justice. All she’s doing is thanking the current DA’s Investigator for sitting on his ass, eating donuts, allowing her to remain free”.

Dunn ramped up his efforts last week to arrest and convict those responsible for Hailey Dunn’s 2010 disappearance. “But Billie Jean wants to put the focus on me, my other daughter, and claims I abandoned our son, David. I didn’t abandon David, and I have the messages to prove it”.

David Dunn, the now-adult son of Billie Jean Ostrander, has not spoken to police about what he reportedly witnessed in December 2010. “They can spin this all they want, but David hasn’t talked to the police, hasn’t given his statement. So I hope when David goes to visit his sister’s grave today, he thinks long and hard about who put her there, and decides to do the right thing”.

“David is lying through his teeth right now”, and the only question the public needs to be asking is ‘why’, Dunn said. “Why would David start telling his friends we haven’t talked in seven years? Why is David allowing his Mama to say I abandoned him? I have messages from David as recently as 2017, with him telling me he loves me. I don’t need to prove it to the conspiracy theorists – it’s all evidence of obstruction and lying to the police, and it’s going to the right people – not McDaniel”.

“Billie Jean is scared to death, and should be”, Dunn continued. “I’m making progress, and that’s all she needs to know right now”.

While Dunn’s original goal was to have the case turned back over to the FBI, that has changed in the past few days. “Now that I know I have the support of other law enforcement agencies, we’ve changed the focus to getting the case out of McDaniel’s hands and into a jurisdiction that is ready to proceed to trial”.

“That’s what she (Billie Jean) and McDaniel don’t seem to understand”, Dunn continued. “Ignoring me is not an option. Some people get a ‘disconnected’ message when they call his phone number. For me, it just rings and no one answers. I know he’s ignoring me. I know he’s ignoring requests for additional evidence testing. That’s not OK. Another LE agency is ready to test that evidence, as soon as they get it. I’m getting this case taken away from him – he just doesn’t know it yet”.

Dunn is asking for help from the public’s help in making this story go viral. “Push the #JusticeForHailey2019 hashtag and make this thing go worldwide. Everyone who says they’ll help me, I tell them the same thing: make this story go viral. Thanks to everyone who has reached out to John Walsh, Nancy Grace, and Dr. Phil.

“Oh, and by the way, when I asked Billie Jean last year to go on Dr. Phil and take another polygraph test, she flipped. I have the message. She can lie all she wants”.

On Instagram, Dunn can be followed using, dunnclinton; on Twitter, @clintondunn5. His SnapChat handle is clintdunn2019.

There is a $15,000 reward for information leading directly to the arrest of Hailey Dunn’s killer(s). Anyone with information is asked to call Investigator John McDaniel of the Scurry County, TX, District Attorney’s Office at 325-573-2462. If you do not receive an answer, e-mail your tip to McDaniel at: john.mcdaniel@co.scurry.tx.us. You may also submit a tip online to the Texas Rangers Cold Case Hotline. #JusticeForHailey2019.

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5 thoughts on “Hailey Dunn’s father: ‘I’m getting this case moved’

  1. I agree and pray for JUSTICE get off your ass and take the trash out before it is done to some other precious child what if it was your child, things would be different then I bet y’all are allowing this monster to walk free to do it to some other child it is crazy he should have went to JAIL for child porn also, anyone else would have I just don’t get it and a lot of other people don’t get WHY IS HE STILL FREE ???????

  2. Go get em Clint. Time for action and should have already been handled. I’m proud of you. Justice for Hailey!

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