Loved ones of missing Texas teen continue to request public’s help for information

By Erica Morse
Publisher, Victims News Online
Originally published 6:50pm CST, October 24th, 2012
Re-published 12:01am CST, November 15th, 2012

(MPN) — As the search for a missing Lubbock teen continues, his family, friends and the Private Investigator on the case continue to plead for the public’s assistance — and law enforcement’s cooperation — regarding tips and leads relating to the missing boy.

Fifteen-year-old Mark Ysasaga has been missing since June 14th, 2012, when he was last known to be at a friend’s home in the Lubbock area. Chuck Foreman of CFSI Texas for Missing Children has been working with Mark’s family, following leads from San Angelo to Abilene, and working with law enforcement in every jurisdiction to ensure no tip is missed.

However, those looking hardest for Mark tell us frustrations have gotten in the way, as not they feel every lead has been investigated.

Currently we have provided testimonial statements to law enforcement for them to follow up on. We do not believe they have,” Chuck Foreman
said. “We are currently partitioning through the family for law enforcement to allow us access to Marks investigation file. We follow up with any
new leads that come in; but all have been false/rumors. Four months into Mark’s disappearance, the trail for information is starting to run cold.”

Mark’s loved ones and the CFSI organization continue to conduct searches, but are also reaching out to residents in west Texas to keep their eyes peeled for the missing teen. Mark’s mother, Anna Maria Ysasaga-Cuevas, has been participating in flyer distribution events and parades carrying a full-size banner of her son, hoping someone will recognize him.

Mark Ysasaga is 5’4″ tall, weighing 145 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. Both of his ears are pierced, and Mark may be wearing white Nike Air Force shoes.

Investigators are still looking for a 2004 black Escalade with black rims and Texas license plates related to this investigation. Anyone with information about this vehicle — or Mark’s whereabouts — is asked to call PI Chuck Foreman at (512) 644-9856.

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