Father of kidnapped Zaharias children pleads for location of Christopher and Lisa Mae

Editor’s note:  the following is a plea by Louis Zaharias, the father of missing Christoper and Lisa Mae Zaharias, published in its entirety. The two were kidnapped by their mother, Susan Elizabeth Gammill Zaharias, on November 20, 1987, from their home in Mission Viejo, California. Susan Zaharias is wanted for felony Child Concealment, with a mandatory bond of $250,000. Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Christopher or Lisa Mae Zaharias is asked to contact Investigator Thomas Finley at (714) 834-3600, or Klein Investigations at (409) 729-8798. You may also leave a tip on the official Facebook page, or may contact the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST (843-5678). Full coverage of the Zaharias case may be found here.

(VNO) — Today, June 1st, 2016 is my 62nd Birthday.

I am now, officially, a Senior Citizen.

This is a milestone in my life that I never thought I would have to face and accept without the love and comfort of my children to help me through it.

For some people, it is a welcome to their Golden Years and it is a signal that it is time for them to spend more quality time with their children and grandchildren, if they are so blessed.

Photo and age progressions courtesy of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)

But for me, it has begun an even more increased sense of anxiety and fear that I may never see my beloved Christopher and Lisa Mae again.

Every moment from here on in, I know that I will live in terror that I am running out of time due to old age looming and all the illnesses and burdens that are inherent in one’s last chapter of life.

This is so real for me because the kidnapping of Chris and Lisa has caused me so many serious medical, emotional and mental maladies over the past 30 years that I worry that my body just does not have the strength to carry on anymore. This became readily apparent to me most recently when I had to be admitted to the Hospital on May 12, 2016, for chest pains.


From left to right: Age progression of Christopher Zaharias to 30 years old, and sister Lisa, to 28 years old. Progressions courtesy of NCMEC.

All I want to do is kiss, love, and behold my Chris and Lisa just one more time before I die.

To know what they really look like, instead of possible computer generated images.

To hear their voices say the word “Daddy” again.

There are persons out there who helped the Gammills and Nosals over the decades and who know where my children are and what fake identities were taken by Susan and forced upon Chris and Lisa.

I understand that you may have been misled, misinformed, and even tricked into participating in the abduction because of the many false stories that the Gammils and Nosals created to justify their crimes and Susan fabricated to escape accountability for all the wrongs she did and the injuries she caused in the year before the kidnapping.

But now, after all that has been dispelled and shown to be lies about me, I am begging you, pleading with you, and on bended knees asking you to come forward and provide the authorities with all that you know. Please!

If you do so, you will be giving the greatest gift of charity and kindness that one human being can give to another…you will be giving the gift of life to a man who has really been dead in his heart and soul since Nov. 20, 1987.

Please save my life and help me to reunite with my children again before it is too late.

God Bless You,

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