Victims News Online (VNO) is the only platform of its kind for victims and their loved ones. We are a voice for anyone who feels theirs is not being heard.

We tell the stories of the missing, murdered, exploited & abused. Cases are chosen at the request of families of the victims, law enforcement officials and/or missing persons’ organizations. We report the most critical information, with the objective of finding missing people, stopping exploitation and abuse, generating leads, and providing closure to the families whose loved ones have been murdered.

All assistance is provided at no-charge to families, law enforcement, advocates, and missing persons’ organizations; our team consists of volunteers, reporters, victims’ advocates, searchers and investigators, families of our victims, and even those who have been victimized. We are a not-for-profit, volunteer organization. We also partner with Private Investigators, other agencies, and missing persons’ organizations when cases require additional resources or support.

We offer free event advertisements for fundraisers and benefits, and provide updates and press releases from law enforcement agencies and organizations in the United States and beyond. Our mission is to provide balanced coverage of personal stories, case updates, social media awareness, and resources for those in need of assistance.

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For more information — or to tell your story — e-mail us at: info@victimsnewsonline.com. Have a tip? Send it to us at: tips@victimsnewsonline.com; you may remain anonymous.

Victims News Online subscribes to the Associated Press (AP)-style writing, and all press releases and alternate news updates are printed with the express consent of their respective sources. PRNewswire serves as our primary provider of breaking national and international news briefs and updates.

All photos are provided by an authorized representative on behalf of the victims and/or their families, and photos of minors receive parent/guardian or law enforcement approval prior to publishing. No person, entity or organization may use a photo published here without first obtaining independent written consent from its original source. Minors’ photos must also receive parental or law enforcement consent. Original (paid) content is copyrighted to the writer(s) and Victims News Online; written permission from the author and VNO is required for utilization of those pieces by for-profit news agencies/sites. For questions relating to an article or its usage rights, please contact us via e-mail at: info@victimsnewsonline.com.

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  1. Hi. My friend’s mom has been missing for a month now. Trying to get her pic and info everywhere. Could you post to your page please?

  2. Hello I have a brother who was murder in 2016 and people went down and talk to the police department about who did the detective that was on the case I don’t kno if they took him off the case or what but the number I had is no longer his number I have to reach him on Facebook messages and he keeps telling me that he is planned to go and talk to the prosecutor about the case and me and my family has heard anything from them can you help

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