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Victims News Online (VNO) is the only platform of its kind for victims and their loved ones. We are a voice for anyone who feels theirs is not being heard.

We tell the stories of the missing, murdered, exploited & abused. Cases are chosen at the request of families of the victims, law enforcement officials and/or missing persons’ organizations. We report the most critical information, with the objective of finding missing people, stopping exploitation and abuse, generating leads, and providing closure to the families whose loved ones have been murdered.

All assistance is provided at no-charge to families, law enforcement, advocates, and missing persons’ organizations; our team consists of volunteers, reporters, victims’ advocates, searchers and investigators, families of our victims, and even those who have been victimized. We are a not-for-profit, volunteer organization. We also partner with Private Investigators, other agencies, and missing persons’ organizations when cases require additional resources or support.

We offer free event advertisements for fundraisers and benefits, and provide updates and press releases from law enforcement agencies and organizations in the United States and beyond. Our mission is to provide balanced coverage of personal stories, case updates, social media awareness, and resources for those in need of assistance.

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  1. Samantha Staskal Samantha Staskal May 29, 2018

    Hi. My friend’s mom has been missing for a month now. Trying to get her pic and info everywhere. Could you post to your page please?

    • admin admin Post author | September 5, 2018


      Can you please contact me via e-mail? Please include the picture(s) and flyer, if there is one.

  2. Dimitrious Dimitrious January 12, 2019

    Hello I have a brother who was murder in 2016 and people went down and talk to the police department about who did the detective that was on the case I don’t kno if they took him off the case or what but the number I had is no longer his number I have to reach him on Facebook messages and he keeps telling me that he is planned to go and talk to the prosecutor about the case and me and my family has heard anything from them can you help

    • admin admin Post author | January 12, 2019

      Dimitrious – I’m so sorry about your brother! Can you please e-mail the information to me at: We need to know the city and state where your brother was found.

  3. Angel jarvis Angel jarvis March 30, 2019

    My name is angel Jarvis my sister jessica brinker was murdered in lamentation Indian which is northwest indiana unfortunately her case went cold about a week after her body was found my mom never got to identify the body by actually seeing face the cops I feel did a shotty job my sister do to past being an addict n prostitute didnt give to much thought to finding her killer death was deemed unknown cause corner said to my mom so if it was a homicide it could be changed to that th he way it could corner felt it was but not enough evidence to support cause of death eaither way thru doing alot of footwork like calling post myself n hanging flyers I found a credit card receipt at a hotel my sister had stayed at a few weeks before because the lady new who she was she gave me a a credit card receipt from that stay n because a man had booked the room I gave it to police thinking they could find out who that man was n the officer Brian Williams told me he couldn’t do anything with it I tried to get the policestation help do to them being small from indiana state police and state police detective told me they couldn’t just take over what was I looking for n I said for them to just offer help with them being bigger n having more resources n the detective said he would call that detective called me back n said lakestation refused their help4 n there was nothing he could do I said ok thank you for at least trying. My sister passed away in 2010 due to police no one being able to tell us exact date of when she died we new date they found her how long they thought or guessed she was in elements n the fact that I had spoke with her her sat n Sunday before we made her death date Aug 23,2010,its been hard on my mom n her kids but doing the footwork to not put more despair on my mom it’s been really hard on me case is cold. During the work I did I found out officer Brian William’s had sexual relations with my sister he used to pick her up in Gary indiana at one place in his cop car n he was the detective I was giving most information too I did not know about his relations until one day he said I’m taking information on case I am no longer investigating it never gave reason why. That was after two weeks of me giving him info so I started to think why would he be involved for two weeks then only be taking information I found out a bout a week later about him picking my sister up alot in his cop car n then felt I knew. Conflict of interest n wondered why he didnt just say that from beginning? Needless to say I called price chief got no where called mayor then got call from police chief about my call to mayor n not in a thankful way I just new n my guy says cops did shorty job to not uncover one of there owns involvement n then her case went colder then cold I got answering machines instead of call returned n just new was never gonna go anywhere so I quit calling but only because of feeling like cops where protecting cops but have never once forgot what I found out n if there was valid info I could chase down the cops should a been able to find what I found before I did lots things more then I’m writing I got this page from a friend today who has never forgot n randomly asks if there is any new news or updates I’m hoping ull find something I didnt have access too officer Kevin garber n officer Brian William’s was the two detectives that handled her case do to officerwilliam being on investigating case until i found he had relations with her n her bad past of heroin addiction n prosecuting for her habit i dont think what could a been done was she had demons but was a really good person with a good heart 3 kids n alot of siblings n the year before we lost my baby brother in my home to an overdose that i didnt know about he had taken some pills i was able to piece things together by knowing where her been who got him what but it was after he got says n my heart she never even got a good investigator from beginning I’m hoping u can help. My name is angel Jarvis sister of jessica brunker telephone number 219 545 4364 cell number I even did an anonamis tip line with this number n got quite a few calls house number 219 254 2992 email, I’m really hoping u guys can help I feel like as long as its alive with media it stays alive in people’s minds. Like I said I feel she didnt get a fair shot shorty police work n in process of them wanting to protect there own there was alot of leads they couldn’t or didnt fallow to protect one of there own thow I dont feel he did it I feel him not being truthful at the beginning made them unable to be honest or follow leads further to not show th wrong of one officer which would have reflected on their department I feel that was their fear they made me think that that was never my thought when she passed. There is no perfect murder there isn’t but in this case unknown cause there seemed to be hoping u can possibly bring to peoples eyes n maybe new eyes to interview or look at case and possibly a new department but I have no idea where to begin I got diagnosed with late onset epesy about 6 years ago so there was alot of things I could do that as of 6 years ago I haven’t been able to since I still have a huge stack of flyers in my closet on shelf me n my sister looked alot alike so when I would hang flyers n my mom would say be careful someone might think they see jessica I’d say good I hope someone sees me n thinks they are seeing a ghost. She has 3 kids 8 siblings n a mom praying for some type of closet thow I know it won’t help the sorrow feeling I feel if roles where revered she would do same for me. Thank you

    • admin admin Post author | September 3, 2019

      Jarvis –

      Our hearts go out to you for your loss, and I apologize for the delay in seeing this post. I will personally reach out to you this week to talk on the phone, then get you with our team members from Northwest Indiana to start the ball rolling on moving forward.


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